The XMNG_TMPL procedure is a template for widgets that use the XMANAGER. Use this template instead of writing your widget applications from “scratch”. This template can be found in the file in the lib subdirectory of the IDL distribution.

The documentation header should be altered to reflect the actual implementation of the XMNG_TMPL widget. Use a global search and replace to replace the word XMNG_TMPL with the name of the routine you would like to use. All the comments with a “***” in front of them should be read, decided upon and removed from the final copy of your new widget routine.


XMNG_TMPL [, /BLOCK] [, GROUP=widget_id]





Set this keyword to have XMANAGER block when this application is registered. By default, BLOCK is set equal to zero, providing access to the command line if active command line processing is available. Note that setting BLOCK=1 will cause all widget applications to block, not just this application. For more information, see the documentation for the NO_BLOCK keyword to XMANAGER.

Note: Only the outermost call to XMANAGER can block. Therefore, to have XMNG_TMPL block, any earlier calls to XMANAGER must have been called with the NO_BLOCK keyword. See the documentation for the NO_BLOCK keyword to XMANAGER for an example.


The widget ID of the widget that calls XMNG_TMPL. When this ID is specified, the death of the caller results in the death of XMNG_TMPL.

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