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GUI - Widgets

WIDGET_BASE Creates base widget (containers for other widgets).
WIDGET_BROWSER Creates a web browser widget.
WIDGET_BUTTON Creates button widgets.
WIDGET_COMBOBOX Creates editable droplist widgets.
WIDGET_CONTROL Realizes, manages, and destroys widgets.
WIDGET_DISPLAYCONTEXTMENU Displays a context-sensitive menu.
WIDGET_DRAW Creates drawable widgets.
WIDGET_DROPLIST Creates droplist widgets.
WIDGET_EVENT Returns events for the widget hierarchy.
WIDGET_INFO Obtains information about widgets.
WIDGET_LABEL Creates label widgets.
WIDGET_LIST Creates list widgets.
WIDGET_PROPERTYSHEET Creates a property sheet widget, which exposes the properties of an IDL object in a graphical interface. This widget transparently handles property value changes.
WIDGET_SLIDER Creates slider widgets.
WIDGET_TAB Creates tab widgets.
WIDGET_TABLE Creates table widgets.
WIDGET_TEXT Creates text widgets.
WIDGET_TREE Creates tree widgets.
WIDGET_TREE_MOVE Copies and moves tree widget nodes from one tree to another or within the same tree.
WIDGET_WINDOW Creates a graphics widget.
XBM_EDIT Creates, edits bitmap icons for IDL widget button labels.
XMANAGER Provides event loop manager for IDL widgets.
XMNG_TMPL Template for creating widgets.
XMTOOL Displays a tool for viewing XMANAGER widgets.
XREGISTERED Returns registration status of a given widget.

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