Use this function to automatically perform event handling of ENVI Classic compound widgets, without the need to write an event-handling procedure. The function returns an anonymous structure whose tag names are defined by the user values (UVALUE) of the widgets being managed. AUTO_WID_MNG automatically creates OK and Cancel buttons on the widget unless you set the optional keyword NO_BUTTONS. In all cases, if you click OK, the field result.accept (where result is the name of the structure returned by AUTO_WID_MNG) is set to 1. Otherwise, if you click Cancel, then result.accept is set to 0.

Note: An interactive ENVI Classic session is required to run this procedure.


Result = AUTO_WID_MNG(Base [, COLUMN_BASE=widget ID])



This is the widget ID of the base widget.


COLUMN_BASE (optional)

Set this keyword to the widget ID of the base that will hold the Accept and Cancel buttons. The default is to use the base widget specified by the Base argument.

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