The IDLffXMLDOMNode class is an abstract class used as a superclass for other IDLffXMLDOM node classes.

Because this class is an abstract class, there will never be an instance of this class. Rather, this class’s functionality described here is accessed through an instance of one of its subclasses.

An object instance of this class is a reference to a corresponding node in the DOM document tree. Use the appropriate methods for this class, defined below, to access and manipulate the DOM data.

This class keeps track of any objects it creates (e.g., via the IDLffXMLDOMNode::GetFirstChild method) and destroys these objects when it is destroyed.




See IDLffXMLDOMNode::Init.


Objects of this class have no properties of their own, but do have properties inherited from any superclasses.


This class has the following methods:

In addition, this class inherits the methods of any superclasses.

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