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I/O - Other Data Formats

ASCII_TEMPLATE Presents a GUI that generates a template defining an ASCII file format.
ASDF_FILE Creates a new ASDF_File object, which can be used to construct an ASDF file.
ASDF_NDARRAY Creates a new ASDF_NDArray object, which can be used to convert an IDL array for storage in an ASDF file.
ASDF_PARSE Takes an ASDF file and reads it into an IDL variable containing all of the data references in a nested hierarchy.
ASDF_WRITE Takes an ASDF_File object and writes the header plus all of the associated data.
BINARY_TEMPLATE Presents a GUI for interactively generating a template structure for use with READ_BINARY.
GET_DXF_OBJECTS Returns an IDLgrModel containing graphics from a given DXF file.
IDLffShape Contains geometry, connectivity and attributes for graphics primitives accessed from ESRI Shapefiles.
IDLffShape Properties  
IDLffShape::AddAttribute Adds an attribute definition to a Shapefile.
IDLffShape::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLffShape::Close Closes a Shapefile.
IDLffShape::DestroyEntity Frees memory associated with the entity structure.
IDLffShape::GetAttributes Retrieves the attributes for the entities you specify from a Shapefile.
IDLffShape::GetEntity Returns the entities you specify from a Shapefile.
IDLffShape::GetProperty Retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLffShape::Init Initializes the object.
IDLffShape::Open Opens a specified Shapefile.
IDLffShape::PutEntity Inserts an entity into the Shapefile object.
IDLffShape::SetAttributes Sets the attributes for a specified entity in a Shapefile object.
IDLffXLMDOMNodeIterator Properties  
IDLffXMLDOM Classes  
IDLffXMLDOMAttr Represents an attribute that is part of an element object in an XML document.
IDLffXMLDOMAttr Properties  
IDLffXMLDOMAttr::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
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