The IDLgrModel::GetByName function method finds contained objects by name and returns the object reference to the named object. If the named object is not found, the GetByName function returns a null object reference.

Note: The GetByName function does not perform a recursive search through the object hierarchy. If a fully qualified object name is not specified, only the contents of the current container object are inspected for the named object.


Result = Obj->[IDLgrModel::]GetByName(Name)

Return Value

Returns the object reference to the named object or a null object reference.



A string containing the name of the object to be returned.

Object naming syntax is very much like the syntax of a UNIX file system. Objects contained by other objects can include the name of their parent object; this allows you to create a fully qualified name specification. For example, if object1 contains object2, which in turn contains object3, the string specifying the fully qualified object name of object3 would be 'object1/object2/object3'.

Object names are specified relative to the object on which the GetByName method is called. If used at the beginning of the name string, the / character represents the top of an object hierarchy. The string '..' represents the object one level “up” in the hierarchy.



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