IDLffShape: Contains geometry, connectivity and attributes for graphics primitives accessed from ESRI Shapefiles.

LL_ARC_DISTANCE: Return the longitude and latitude of a point given arc distance and azimuth.

MAP: Display map data in a graphics window.

MAP_2POINTS: Return distance, azimuth, and path relating to a great circle or rhumb line.

MAPCONTINENTS: Overlay map boundaries on a map in a graphics window.

MAP_CONTINENTS: Draw map boundaries on a Direct Graphics map.

MAPGRID: Plot a map graticule (or grid) onto an existing map graphic.

MAP_GRID: Draw parallels and meridians over a Direct Graphics map.

MAP_IMAGE: Warp a large image to fit a map projection.

MAP_PATCH: Warp a small image to fit a map projection.

MAP_PROJ_FORWARD: Transform map coordinates from longitude/latitude to Cartesian (X, Y) coordinates

MAP_PROJ_IMAGE: Warp an image from geographic coordinates to a specified map projection.

MAP_PROJ_INFO: Return information about current map and/or the available projections.

MAP_PROJ_INIT: Initialize a map projection.

MAP_PROJ_INVERSE: Transform map coordinates from Cartesian (X, Y) coordinates to longitude/latitude.

MAP_SET: Establish the Direct Graphics map projection type and limits.