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GRIB Routines Read and write GRIdded Binary (GRIB) 1 and GRIB 2 files.
GRIB_CLONE Clones an existing handle using the context of the original handle.
GRIB_CLOSE Closes a GRIB file.
GRIB_COUNT Returns the number of messages in the file.
GRIB_FIND_NEAREST Finds the four nearest points of a latitude/longitude point.
GRIB_GET Returns a value from a key/value pair.
GRIB_GET_API_VERSION Returns the current GRIB API version number.
GRIB_GET_ARRAY Gets a value array from a key.
GRIB_GET_DOUBLE_ELEMENTS Gets (as a DOUBLE array) the elements of the key whose indexes are listed in the input array index.
GRIB_GET_MESSAGE_SIZE Returns the size of the coded message in bytes.
GRIB_GET_NATIVE_TYPE Retrieves the native type of a key.
GRIB_GET_SIZE Returns the number of coded values from a key.
GRIB_GET_VALUES Gets an array of values.
GRIB_GETDATA Returns the key/value pairs associated with a requested record in the form of an ordered hash.
GRIB_GRIBEX_MODE Turns the GRIBEX compatibility mode on or off.
GRIB_GTS_HEADER Turns GTS headers on or off.
GRIB_INDEX_GET Returns the distinct key values contained in the index.
GRIB_INDEX_GET_SIZE Returns the number of distinct values of the Key contained in Gindex.
GRIB_INDEX_NEW_FROM_FILE Creates a new index from a file.
GRIB_INDEX_READ Loads an index from a file.
GRIB_INDEX_RELEASE Deletes the GRIB index and releases the memory.
GRIB_INDEX_SELECT Selects the message subset where Key equals Value.
GRIB_INDEX_WRITE Writes an index to a file for later use.
GRIB_IS_MISSING Checks if a key value is missing.
GRIB_ITERATOR_DELETE Deletes the iterator handle and frees the memory.
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