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ENVI Classic Processing

ADAPT_FILT_DOIT Apply an adaptive filter.
AIRSAR_HEADER_DOIT Read an Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (AIRSAR) header.
AIRSAR_PED_HEIGHT_DOIT Calculate pedestal height images from an AIRSAR compressed stoked matrix.
AIRSAR_PHASE_IMAGE_DOIT Calculate phase images from an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
AIRSAR_POLSIG_DOIT Calculate polarization signatures from an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
AIRSAR_SCATTER_DOIT Calculate scatter classification for an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
ASPECT_DOIT Make aspect corrections to Landsat Multispectral Scanner (MSS) image data.
BAD_DATA_DOIT Remove bad data lines.
CF_DOIT Create an output file to disk or memory from bands in the Available Bands List.
CLASS_CONFUSION_DOIT Compute a classification confusion matrix.
CLASS_CS_DOIT Clump or sieve a classification image.
CLASS_DOIT Perform supervised classification.
CLASS_MAJORITY_DOIT Perform majority analysis or minority analysis on a classification image.
CLASS_RULE_DOIT Classify rule images.
CLASS_STATS_DOIT Calculate class statistics.
COM_CLASS_DOIT Combine classes.
CONTINUUM_REMOVE_DOIT Perform Continuum Removal.
CONV_DOIT Perform convolution filtering.
CONVERT_DOIT Convert interleave type.
CONVERT_INPLACE_DOIT Convert in place between storage types.
CROSS_TRACK_CORRECTION_DOIT Remove variation in the cross-track illumination of an image.
DARK_SUB_DOIT Perform dark subtraction.
DECOR_DOIT Perform saturation stretch.
DEM_BAD_DATA_DOIT Correct bad data points in digital elevation models (DEMs).
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