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Array Manipulation

ARRAY_EQUAL Provides fast test for data equality in cases where the positions of the differing data elements is not required.
ARRAY_INDICES Converts one-dimensional subscripts of an array into corresponding multi-dimensional subscripts.
BLAS_AXPY Updates existing array by adding a multiple of another array.
BLAS_GEMM Updates an existing matrix by adding a multiple of the product of two other matrices.
INVERT Computes the inverse of a square array.
MAX Returns the value of the largest element of Array.
MIN Returns the value of the smallest element of an array.
REFORM Changes array dimensions without changing the total number of elements.
REPLICATE_INPLACE Updates an array by replacing all or selected parts of it with a specified value.
REVERSE Reverses the order of one dimension of an array.
ROT Rotates an image by any amount.
ROTATE Rotates/transposes an array in multiples of 90 degrees.
SHIFT Shifts elements of vectors or arrays by a specified number of elements.
SIGNUM Returns the sign of each element of an array.
SIZE Returns array size and type information.
SORT Returns indices of an array sorted in ascending order.
TOTAL Sums of the elements of an array.
TRANSPOSE Transposes an array.
UNIQ Returns subscripts of the unique elements in an array.
WHERE Returns subscripts of nonzero array elements.
XVAREDIT Provides widget-based editor for IDL variables.

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