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Executive Commands

.COMPILE Compiles programs without running.
.CONTINUE Continues execution of a stopped program.
.EDIT Opens files in editor windows of the IDL Workbench.
.FULL_RESET_SESSION Does everything .RESET_SESSION does, plus additional reset tasks such as unloading sharable libraries.
.GO Executes a previously compiled $MAIN$ program.
.OUT Continues execution until the current routine returns.
.RESET_SESSION Resets much of the state of an IDL session without requiring the user to exit and restart the IDL session.
.RETURN Continues execution until RETURN statement.
.RNEW Erases $MAIN$ program variables and then executes .RUN.
.RUN Compiles and executes IDL commands from files or keyboard.
.SKIP Skips over the next n statements and then single steps.
.STEP Executes one or n statements from the current position.
.STEPOVER Executes a single statement if the statement doesn't call a routine.
.TRACE Similar to .CONTINUE, but displays each line of code before execution.

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