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I/O - General Input/Output

ASSOC Associates an array structure with a file.
CLOSE Closes the specified files.
COPY_LUN Copies data between two open files.
EOF Tests the specified file for the end-of-file condition.
FILE_GUNZIP Uncompress a given GZIP input file.
FILE_GZIP Compress a given input file using the DEFLATE compression algorithm.
FILE_TAR Archive a given set of input files and directories into a TAR file.
FILE_UNTAR Uncompress a TAR file or TAR data stream.
FILE_UNZIP Uncompress ZIP files
FILE_ZIP Compress a given set of input files and directories into the PKWARE ZIP file format.
FLUSH Flushes file unit buffers.
FREE_LUN Frees previously-reserved file units.
GET_KBRD Gets one input IDL character.
GET_LUN Reserves a logical unit number (file unit).
IOCTL Performs special functions on UNIX files.
OPENR/OPENU/OPENW Opens files for reading, updating, or writing.
POINT_LUN Sets or gets current position of the file pointer.
PRINT/PRINTF Writes formatted output to screen or file.
READ/READF Reads formatted input from keyboard or file.
READS Reads formatted input from a string variable.
READU Reads unformatted binary data from a file.
SEM_CREATE Creates a reference to a semaphore in the current IDL process. Creates the semaphore itself if necessary.
SEM_DELETE Destroys a reference to the specified semaphore in the current IDL process. Optionally destroys the semaphore itself.
SEM_LOCK Attempts to gain the lock on an existing semaphore (created by a call to the SEM_CREATE function) for the current IDL process.
SEM_RELEASE Releases the lock on the specified semaphore held by the current IDL process.
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