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ICONTOUR Creates an iTool and associated user interface (UI) configured to display and manipulate contour data. (iTools)
ICONVERTCOORD Converts between iTool coordinate systems.
IDELETE Deletes a tool in the IDL Intelligent Tools system.
IDLitComponent Base component from which all iTool components should subclass.
IDLitComponent Properties  
IDLitComponent::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLitComponent::EditUserDefProperty Defines the interface that is displayed when a user selects the 'Edit' button on a user-defined property in the property sheet interface.
IDLitComponent::GetFullIdentifier Navigates the iTool object container hierarchy of the object on which it is called and retrieves the fully-qualified object identifier.
IDLitComponent::GetProperty Retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLitComponent::GetPropertyAttribute Retrieves property attribute values for a registered property.
IDLitComponent::GetPropertyByIdentifier Retrieves the value of an IDLitComponent property.
IDLitComponent::Init Initializes the object.
IDLitComponent::NotifyBridge Used to broadcast a notification message to the Export Bridge object that is wrapping the IDLitComponent object.
IDLitComponent::QueryProperty Checks whether a property identifier is registered, or retrieves a list of all registered properties.
IDLitComponent::RegisterProperty Registers a property as belonging to the component.
IDLitComponent::Restore Performs any transitional work required after an object of this class has been restored from a SAVE file, to ensure that its state is appropriate for the current version.
IDLitComponent::SetProperty Sets the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLitComponent::SetPropertyAttribute Sets one or more property attributes for a registered property.
IDLitComponent::SetPropertyByIdentifier Sets the value of an IDLitComponent property.
IDLitComponent::UnregisterProperty Unregisters a previously-registered property.
IDLitComponent::UpdateComponentVersion Updates the value of the COMPONENT_VERSION property for the specified object to match the version associated with the current release of IDL.
IDLITSYS_CREATETOOL Creates an instance of the specified tool registered within the iTools system.
IDLitWindow Base class for all windows within the iTools framework.
IDLitWindow Methods  
IELLIPSE Creates an ellipse annotation in an existing iTool.
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