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Math - Miscellaneous

ABS Returns the absolute value of X.
CEIL Returns the closest integer greater than or equal to X.
CIR_3PNT Returns radius and center of circle, given 3 points.
COMPLEXROUND Rounds a complex array.
DIAG_MATRIX Constructs a diagonal matrix from an input vector, or if given a matrix, then extracts a diagonal vector.
DIST Creates array with each element proportional to its frequency.
EXP Returns the natural exponential function of given expression.
FLOOR Returns closest integer less than or equal to argument.
IDLUNIT Performs basic dimensional analysis, conversions, and mathematical operations, all while factoring units.
ISHFT Performs integer bit shift.
MATRIX_MULTIPLY Calculates the IDL matrix-multiply operator (#) of two (possibly transposed) arrays.
MATRIX_POWER Computes the product of a matrix with itself.
PNT_LINE Returns the perpendicular distance between a point and a line.
POLY_AREA Returns the area of a polygon given the coordinates of its vertices.
PRIMES Computes the first K prime numbers.
PRODUCT Returns the product of elements within an array.
ROUND Returns the integer closest to its argument.
SPH_4PNT Returns center and radius of a sphere given 4 points.
SQRT Returns the square root of X.
VOIGT Calculates intensity of atomic absorption line (Voight) profile.

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