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Operating System Access

CD Sets and/or changes the current working directory.
CLIPBOARD Access the system clipboard.
GET_DRIVE_LIST Returns string array of the names of valid drives/volumes for the file system.
GET_SCREEN_SIZE Returns dimensions of the screen.
GETENV Returns the value of an environment variable.
IDLsysMonitorInfo Contains information about the display monitor or monitors attached to your system. Use this object to obtain information about the monitor(s) when building applications that use multiple monitors.
IDLsysMonitorInfo Properties  
IDLsysMonitorInfo::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetMonitorNames Retrieves, into an array, the X Window System Display name strings associated with each monitor on the system.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetNumberOfMonitors Retrieves the number of monitors available on the system.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetPrimaryMonitorIndex Retrieves the index of the monitor that is considered the system's primary monitor.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetProperty Retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetRectangles Retrieves the monitor coordinate rectangles.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetResolutions Retrieves the monitor resolutions (pixel sizes) as a [2, n] single-precision floating-point array in terms of centimeters per pixel
IDLsysMonitorInfo::Init Initializes the object.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::IsExtendedDesktop Returns a Boolean value (0 or 1 as an IDL integer) that indicates if the display system is configured as an extended desktop across two or more monitors.
IDLsysMonitorInfo::SetProperty Sets the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IPM IDL Package Manager
POPD Removes the top directory on the working directory stack maintained by PUSHD/POPD.
PRINTD Prints contents of the directory stack maintained by PUSHD/POPD.
PUSHD Pushes a directory to top of directory stack maintained by PUSHD/POPD.
SETENV Adds or changes an environment string in the process environment.
SPAWN Spawns child process for access to operating system.
TERMINAL_SIZE Retrieve the column width and number of lines that are used for IDL output to the console.

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