A_CORRELATE: Compute the autocorrelation.

BLK_CON: Convolve an input signal with impulse-response sequence.

BUTTERWORTH: Return the absolute value of the low-pass Butterworth kernel.

CANNY: Implement the Canny edge-detection algorithm.

C_CORRELATE: Compute the cross correlation.

CONVOL: Convolve two vectors or arrays.

CONVOL_FFT: Compute the convolution of an image using a product of Fourier transforms for speed.

CORRELATE: Compute the linear Pearson correlation.

DIGITAL_FILTER: Calculate coefficients of a non-recursive, digital filter.

FFT: Return the Fast Fourier Transform of an array.

FFT_POWERSPECTRUM: Return the Fourier Power Spectrum of an array.

GAUSS_SMOOTH: Smooth data using a Gaussian kernel. Also known as a Gaussian blur, it is typically used to reduce noise and detail in an image.

GAUSSIAN_FUNCTION: Create a Gaussian kernel used in convolution.

HANNING: Create Hanning and Hamming windows.

HILBERT: Construct the Hilbert transform.

INTERPOL: Perform linear interpolation on vectors.

IR_FILTER: Perform the infinite or finite impulse response filter on data.

LEEFILT: Perform the Lee filter algorithm on an image array.

M_CORRELATE: Compute the multiple correlation coefficient.

MEDIAN: Return median value of an array or applies a median filter.

P_CORRELATE: Compute the partial correlation coefficient.

R_CORRELATE: Compute the rank correlation.

SAVGOL: Return coefficients of the Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter.

SMOOTH: Smooth with a boxcar average.

TS_COEF: Compute the coefficients for autoregressive time-series.

TS_DIFF: Compute the forward differences of a time-series.

TS_FCAST: Compute the future or past values of stationary time-series.

TS_SMOOTH: Compute the moving averages of a time-series.

WTN: Return wavelet transform of the input array.

WV_CWT: Compute the continuous wavelet transform.

WV_DWT: Compute the discrete wavelet transform.

WV_PWT: Compute the partial wavelet transform.