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0 Replies and 88 Views NV5 license server SSL/TLS protos and ciphers  88  0 Started by  Vipool Rathod Due to organizational requirements for TLS protocols and ciphers, I modded the nv5geospatiallicenseserver systemd service to pass these options to node on license server startup. Note that there are several ways to add the node options and the below is just one of them. Also, this is for RedHat based systems, please adjust paths for Debian/Ubuntu or use a path common to both OS families (E.g., /etc/nv5/, /usr/local/etc/nv5/). Also, to only serve licenses via TLS, the system firewall can be co...
0 88
17 Jan 2024 01:21 PM
3 Replies and 498 Views Windows 10 license - ENVI 5.7  498  3 Started by  Yanni Goudetsidis Hello I would like to purchase a license for ENVI 5.7. and have contacted NV5 using the contact form online but haven't heard from the relative team yet. Can you please let me know, how I can purchase a perpetual license for a windows 10 PC Many thanks
3 498
by  Bernice HahnJump to last post
09 Nov 2023 03:23 AM
4 Replies and 3668 Views ACTIVATION_ID_MISMATCH  3668  4 Started by  Ed Meyer Hi, We have a single 5.5 ENVI license which we serve from a windows license server. Recently the LM server (2017.08) would not free up the license even when it was disconnected from the network. I deactivated the license and reinstalled the license server. Now I get the error ACTIVATION_ID_MISMATCH when I try and reactivate our license I have tried this KB article with no luck:
4 3668
by  MariMJump to last post
16 Oct 2023 06:36 AM
2 Replies and 23877 Views How to make the IDL 8.6 flexnetls license server create and maintain a log of user activity?  23877  2 Started by  Gustavo Correa Hi Harris Support and IDL fans0 I am running IDL 8.6 with the new flexnetls license server on Linux. I want to know how to configure the flexnetls license server to create and maintain a log of user activity, i.e., licenses checked in and out, etc. This was possible with the old IDL 8.5 and older versions, with the flexlmgrd license server. The log file is a very useful feature, essential to understand the pattern of activity, for accounting purposes, etc. The old flexlmgrd license...
2 23877
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Oct 2023 10:22 AM
0 Replies and 168 Views Student License  168  0 Started by  Amy Carrillo I've tried purchasing the student license for ENVI IDL multiple times. However, every time I submit the request I receive an error that tells me to look at the window viewer. Am I doing something wrong I've tried calling the CO and VA offices and have yet to hear back. Thanks
0 168
03 Oct 2023 09:31 AM
2 Replies and 2501 Views IDL license server failing  2501  2 Started by  Kenneth Bowman After our IT staff installed routine software updates on our CentOS systems, the license server is failing completely. nexrad1> idl Sentinel HASP: Failed to lock global fridge lock Sentinel HASP: hasp_cleanup() was called (or the HASP API was unloaded) while a HASP call was active in another thread. Before deinitializing the HASP API you must ensure that no other thread is using it, otherwise a crash will likely happen. IT staff have not been able to resolve the problem and have n...
2 2501
by  Neil GibbJump to last post
02 Sep 2023 08:16 AM
1 Replies and 247 Views Can not download Envi deep learning for linux  247  1 Started by  ha tran I can not download Envi deep learning 2.1 for linux. Access the fail . Has anyone downloaded or got the same error
1 247
by  MariMJump to last post
06 Jul 2023 06:00 AM
1 Replies and 449 Views Regarding ENVI atmospheric correction  449  1 Started by  Tirtha Gajjar Hello, I just need to use the Flaash/QUAC models for atmospheric correction. So do I have to purchase only the ENVI atmospheric correction license or also the Envi IDL license
1 449
by  MariMJump to last post
27 Dec 2022 08:17 AM
2 Replies and 480 Views Problem Requesting IDL VM Access  480  2 Started by  Alexandra Paz I think this issue has to do with the ticketing system and is not specific to IDL VM. When I attempt to submit a ticket requesting access I get the following error: The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state. Location = Server stack trace: at System.ServiceModel.Channels.CommunicationObject.ThrowIfDisposedOrNotOpen() at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.EnsureOpened(TimeSpan timeout)...
2 480
by  Alexandra PazJump to last post
22 Nov 2022 11:39 AM
0 Replies and 1168 Views IDL licensing  1168  0 Started by  Andrey Savtchenko Recently, the recurrence of IDL licenses dropping from our data servers has been unattainable. It has been quite disruptive and taxing on the System Administrators, as well on the science staff. It may be that licenses are dropping after security patches and systems reboots. Whatever the reason is, there is something greatly inefficient in the whole system of licenses support. The phone calls and emails between SA's and the IDL support look like a very primitive system, costing lots of time and ...
0 1168
21 Apr 2022 10:40 AM
1 Replies and 1152 Views IDL Download link on linux  1152  1 Started by  Jeyaraj madhu Dear Team, How can i download & install the IDL software latest version on Linux. Please share me the link. Regards, Jeyaraj.M
1 1152
by  MariMJump to last post
07 Jan 2022 12:36 PM
1 Replies and 1313 Views Strange license issues  1313  1 Started by  Marcos Montes My IDL license worked a few days ago, on Friday October 18. Today it isn't working. My IDL version is 8.7, Envi 5.5. My computer is: MacBook Pro OS: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 We have a floating licenses. I know the address, and the port, and I've verified I'm using the correct information in the Harris License Administrator. I have an internet connection, and it is connected. I can ping (1) the license server - it answers back. The permissions on license are: 777 for /Applications/harri...
1 1313
by  Marcos MontesJump to last post
21 Oct 2021 01:15 PM
10 Replies and 20135 Views Error: Unable to license IDL Runtime  20135  10 Started by  Matthew Irwin This is the second time this has happened, When trying to run ENVI or the Harris Licence Admin it just give a window that says Unable to license IDL Runtime no other info or options
10 20135
by  Paul MallasJump to last post
11 Oct 2021 01:11 PM
1 Replies and 1227 Views Access to Download Center  1227  1 Started by  Qiaoya Wu I got my account verified yesterday. According to the email, I should be able to access the Download and License Center, but I could not log in to the DLC. There are no instructions to tell me how to apply for an account in the Download center. Is it that I am supposed to wait for another email that approves me to log in And how long I should wait because I am in a hurry.
1 1227
by  MariMJump to last post
01 Oct 2021 09:48 AM
1 Replies and 1418 Views Student Licence and number of computers  1418  1 Started by  Heather Nicholson I am working on my PhD and am looking into getting the student license. I have both a laptop and a desktop. I mainly use my desktop, but sometimes find myself on my laptop for various reasons. I will never be using both at the same time. I was wondering how many computers the student license is good for that is sold through this website If it is only good for on computer, am I allowed to purchase two student licenses
1 1418
by  MariMJump to last post
10 Sep 2021 05:39 AM
6 Replies and 2686 Views IDLVM-Download  2686  6 Started by  Nannapat Mitpothong My account has been approved 3 days ago and I need to download The IDL Virtual Machine (for Mac Osx) follow by , but I still cannot download anything. When I click on the download link, it appears 'The requested URL was not found on this server.' Does anyone know the problem
6 2686
by  MariMJump to last post
16 Apr 2021 07:48 AM
2 Replies and 3963 Views after time, unable to start a second instance idl 8.7.2  3963  2 Started by  Laurence Schuler Normally we are able to run many copies of idl on this particular host. But some times a process will appear to 'lock' the licensing system and when a user tries to start a second instance of the idl program it will fail with this error: &91;lschule3gs6064srome00 ~&93;$ idl (null): &91;1,7E1,8,0&91;73000041,D,400703F3&93;&93; Failed file open. : Failed file open. (code : 1929379905) (cll_internal.cpp : 498) (code : 1929379905) (CLLFloatingLicenseThread.cpp : 473) CLLFloatingLicenseI...
2 3963
by  Robert RyansJump to last post
11 Mar 2021 01:25 PM
1 Replies and 1790 Views License not found calling IDL from a Tomcat Servlet  1790  1 Started by  Dave Bouwer This is using Tomcat 9 on an Ubuntu v20 multi-core linux system, IDL v8.8 We are having a difficult time calling an IDL program from a Linux-based Tomcat Java servlet, while the IDL program we call works fine from a crontab, a Perl script, and interactively, but when the Tomcat Servlet Daemon attempts to call it we get an “ Failed to acquire license” error message from IDL. This used to work on a Mac OSX Tomcat installation, but the tomcat daemon set-up is different under linux (Its a /et...
1 1790
by  Dave BouwerJump to last post
19 Feb 2021 08:38 AM
0 Replies and 2255 Views Verification  2255  0 Started by  Asm Ifti I received an email confirmation saying that I was added as a registered user and then they gave me my username and a verification code. Below this another link which directed me to the login page. I'm able to log in however, it says access denied when I go to the downloads section to get IDL, how can I verify my account using the code I don't see any options anywhere
0 2255
28 Jul 2020 12:28 AM
10 Replies and 8424 Views IDL Virtual Machine Installation on MacOSX10.13  8424  10 Started by  Evan Burgess I am trying to install IDL Virtual Machine (IDL 8.5.1 - Mac OS X (10.9, 10.10) Native x86_64 64-bit) on a MacOSX10.13. It installs with no errors. I have reinstalled Java 6 and have xQuartz installed. When I click to start the application, it runs for about half a second and then disappears without error and a blank xterm window appears. Nothing else happens. Same happens when initiated at the terminal and when I have xQuartz already running. I'm wondering if this issue is likely due to ID...
10 8424
by  Sven LeniusJump to last post
15 Jul 2020 11:02 AM
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