This is a reference to a point cloud metadata object. An existing ENVIPointCloud or ENVIPointCloudQuery object's METADATA property contains a reference to the populated ENVIPointCloudMetadata object associated with the ENVIPointCloud or ENVIPointCloudQuery object. A new ENVIPointCloudMetadata object should not be created directly.

The METADATA property on an ENVIPointCloud object contains the metadata for the ENVI LiDAR project (optimized point cloud file). This may not include all of the metadata available from the source files used to create the project. To access the metadata from the source files open them with ENVI::QueryPointCloud and retrieve the METADATA property from the ENVIPointCloudQuery object. The metadata available will depend on the point cloud file format (.las, .laz, .sid, .txt, .bin).


e = ENVI()
; Create an ENVIPointCloudQuery
; to access the las file metadata directly
; without creating an ENVI LiDAR project.
file = FILEPATH('DataSample.las', ROOT_DIR=e.ROOT_DIR, $
  SUBDIRECTORY = ['data','lidar'])
pointcloud = e.QueryPointCloud(file)
; Print all metadata values
metadata = pointcloud.METADATA
 ; print tag names and values
PRINT, metadata
 ; print string array of tag names
PRINT, metadata.TAGS


Use brackets to retrieve metadata values, using the following syntax:

var = metadata['field name']




Properties marked as (Get) can be retrieved, but not set.


A long integer that represents the number of available tags.

TAGS (Get)

A string array of tag names used to retrieve metadata items. Metadata tags are defined by the file format from which the ENVIPointCloud or ENVIPointCloudQuery was opened. Consult your data provider or file format specification for more information on metadata fields for specific sensors and/or data formats (.las, .sid, .txt, .bin, and others).

API Version


Version History

ENVI 5.3


See Also

ENVI::QueryPointCloud, ENVIPointCloud, ENVIPointCloudQuery