The IDL_Savefile::Size function method returns the size and type information for the specified variable, system variable, or heap variable in the SAVE file associated with the savefile object, if no keywords are set. If a keyword is set, IDL_Savefile::Size returns only the specified quantity.

Note: This method accepts the same keywords as the SIZE function, and returns the same information using the same formats. It differs only in that the argument is a string or integer identifier that specifies an item within a SAVE file, rather than an in-memory expression.


Result = Obj->[IDL_Savefile::]Size(SaveItem [, Keywords])

Return Value

If no keywords are set, the Size method returns a vector of integer type. The first element is equal to the number of dimensions of SaveItem. This value is 0 (zero) if SaveItem is scalar or undefined. The next elements contain the size of each dimension, one element per dimension (none if SaveItem is scalar or undefined). After the dimension sizes, the last two elements contain the type code (zero if undefined) and the number of elements in SaveItem, respectively.

See SIZE for a listing of IDL type codes.

If a keyword is set, the Size method returns the specified information.



A scalar value that specifies the item within the SAVE file for which size information is requested. If SaveItem is a string, it is the name of a variable or system variable contained in the SAVE file. If SaveItem is an integer, it is the unique heap variable identifier for a heap variable contained in the SAVE file.

Tip: Use the IDL_Savefile::Names function method to obtain the names or heap variable identifiers contained within a SAVE file before calling this method.


IDL_Savefile::Size method accepts all of the keywords accepted by the SIZE function.


See Example.

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