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EOS Routines HDF-EOS (Hierarchical Data Format-Earth Observing System) routines.
EOS_EH_CONVANG Converts angles between three units: decimal degrees, radians, and packed degrees-minutes-seconds.
EOS_EH_GETVERSION Used to retrieve the HDF-EOS version string of an HDF-EOS file, which is returned in the version argument.
EOS_EH_IDINFO Returns the HDF file IDs corresponding to the HDF-EOS file ID returned by EOS_SW_OPEN, EOS_GD_OPEN, or EOS_PT_OPEN.
EOS_EXISTS Determines whether the current HDF-EOS extensions are supported on the current platform.
EOS_GD_ATTACH Attaches to the grid using the gridname parameter as the identifier.
EOS_GD_ATTRINFO Returns number type and number of elements (count) of a grid attribute.
EOS_GD_BLKSOMOFFSET Writes block SOM offset values.
EOS_GD_CLOSE Closes the HDF grid file.
EOS_GD_COMPINFO Returns the compression code and compression parameters for a given field.
EOS_GD_CREATE Creates a grid within the file.
EOS_GD_DEFBOXREGION Defines a longitude-latitude box region for a grid.
EOS_GD_DEFCOMP Sets the HDF field compression for subsequent grid field definitions.
EOS_GD_DEFDIM Defines dimensions that are used by the field definition routines (described subsequently) to establish the size of the field.
EOS_GD_DEFFIELD Defines data fields to be stored in the grid.
EOS_GD_DEFORIGIN Defines the origin of the grid data.
EOS_GD_DEFPIXREG Defines whether the pixel center or pixel corner is used when requesting the location of a given pixel.
EOS_GD_DEFPROJ Defines the GCTP projection and projection parameters of the grid.
EOS_GD_DEFTILE Defines the tiling dimensions for fields defined following this function call.
EOS_GD_DEFVRTREGION Subsets on a monotonic field or contiguous elements of a dimension.
EOS_GD_DETACH Detaches from the grid interface.
EOS_GD_DIMINFO Retrieves the size of the specified dimension.
EOS_GD_DUPREGION Copies the information stored in a current region or period to a new region or period and generates a new id.
EOS_GD_EXTRACTREGION Reads data into the data buffer from a subsetted region as defined by EOS_GD_DEFBOXREGION.
EOS_GD_FIELDINFO Retrieves information on a specific data field.
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