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Application Control

Application Control Routines  
ENVI Launches the ENVI application and returns an object reference to the application.
ENVI::AddCustomReader Adds a button to the ENVI menu under File > Open As > Custom that opens a custom open procedure.
ENVI::AddExtension Adds a Toolbox entry inside a user-defined folder structure.
ENVI::CleanupTemporaryWorkspace Attempts to delete all of the files in the Temporary Workspace.
ENVI::Close Exits the ENVI application and closes the window.
ENVI::CreateRaster Creates a new ENVIRaster that is ready for writing to a file.
ENVI::CreateRasterMetadata Creates a new, empty ENVIRasterMetadata object that is not associated with an ENVIRaster object.
ENVI::CreateRasterSpatialRef Creates a new ENVIRasterSpatialRefPseudo, ENVIRasterSpatialRefRPC, or ENVIRasterSpatialRefStandard object that is not associated with an ENVIRaster object.
ENVI::CreateView Creates and returns an object reference to a new ENVIView.
ENVI::ExportRaster Saves a raster to a specific format.
ENVI::GetBroadcastChannel Returns an object reference to the system's broadcast channel.
ENVI::GetOpenData Returns all ENVIRaster or ENVIVector objects currently open in the data manager.
ENVI::GetPreference Returns the current value of an ENVI preference setting.
ENVI::GetTemporaryFilename Returns the full filepath of a file located in the temporary directory.
ENVI::GetView Returns the currently-selected ENVIView reference.
ENVI::HideExtensionFiles Prevents specific and files from appearing in the Toolbox.
ENVI::LogMessage Writes a custom message to the log file.
ENVI::OpenAnnotation Opens an annotation file.
ENVI::OpenRaster Creates a new ENVIRaster from a file or URI.
ENVI::OpenROI Opens an existing ROI file (.roi or .xml) and returns an array of ENVIROI objects.
ENVI::OpenVector Creates a new ENVIVector from a file or URI.
ENVI::Refresh Enables and disables the refresh (drawing) of the ENVI window.
ENVI::ReportError Issues an error message.
ENVI::RestoreSession Restores a specified ENVI session file
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