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E3De Reference to an ENVI LiDAR object that is the currently-running application.
E3De::AddAnnotation Adds a text annotation to the display.
E3De::AddExtension Allows a Toolbox extension to rename the entry in the extensions folder, and optionally to place the Toolbox entry inside a user-defined folder structure.
E3De::Close Closes ENVI LiDAR.
E3De::CreateLidarFromSubrect Allows the user to create a spatial subset of a LiDAR dataset.
E3De::DeleteAnnotation Deletes a text annotation from the display.
E3De::DisplayShapefile Opens a shapefile in the ENVI LiDAR application.
E3De::GenerateProducts Generates products from LiDAR data.
E3De::GetOpenData Returns a reference to an E3DLidar object that is already open.
E3De::GetProductionParameters Returns an E3DProductionParameters object which can be modified and passed to E3De::GenerateProducts.
E3De::GetProductsInfo Returns an E3DProductsInfo object which contains the fully-qualified file names for all the products generated by ENVI LiDAR processing.
E3De::GetViewExtents Returns the extent of the region visible in the Main window.
E3De::OpenLidar Opens one or more LAS files.
E3De::SetProgress Sets the value of the progress bar.
E3De::SetViewExtents Enables the user to set the extents of the region visible in the Main window
E3DLasHeader Contains the information read from the LAS file header.
E3DLidar Reference to a lidar object.
E3DLidar::Close Closes the E3DLidar for reading and closes it in the ENVI LiDAR application if it is open.
E3DLidar::GetDataRange Returns a six-element array containing the boundary of the entire data space.
E3DLidar::GetLasHeader Returns E3DLasHeader objects populated with the header information from existing LAS files.
E3DLidar::GetPointsInCircle Returns the points that lie within the circle region.
E3DLidar::GetPointsInPolygon Returns points that lie within the polygon region.
E3DLidar::GetPointsInRange Returns unsorted points from the dataset.
E3DLidar::GetPointsInRect Returns the points that lie within the rectangular region.
E3DLidar::GetPointsInTile Returns the points that lie within the specified tile.
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