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Color Table

CMYK_CONVERT Converts color triples to and from RGB, HLS, and HSV.
Color Table Manipulation  
COLOR_CONVERT Converts colors between color spaces.
COLOR_EXCHANGE Replaces image pixels of a given color with pixels of a new color.
COLOR_QUAN Converts true-color (24-bit) image to pseudo-color (8-bit) image.
COLOR_RANGE_MAP Maps all the pixels of an image to another set of pixels.
COLORIZE_SAMPLE Colorizes a grayscale image by matching luminance levels with an RGB sample table.
COLORMAP_APPLICABLE Determines whether the current visual class supports the use of a colormap. (Direct Graphics)
COLORMAP_GRADIENT Maps an image into a specified luminance-based gradient.
COLORMAP_ROTATION Maps pixels within a given hue range to another hue range, using the HSV hue component.
CT_LUMINANCE Calculates the luminance of colors.
CW_PALETTE_EDITOR Creates compound widget to display and edit color palettes.
GAMMA_CT Applies gamma correction to a color table.
H_EQ_CT Histogram-equalizes the color tables for an image or a region of the display.
H_EQ_INT Interactively histogram-equalizes the color tables of an image or a region of the display.
HLS Creates color table in Hue, Lightness, Saturation color system.
HSV Creates color table based on Hue and Saturation Value color system.
LOADCT Loads one of the predefined IDL color tables. (Direct Graphics)
MODIFYCT Procedure Saves modified color tables in the IDL color table file. (Direct Graphics)
MULTI Procedure Replicates current color table to enhance contrast. (Direct Graphics)
PSEUDO Creates pseudo-color table based on Lightness, Hue, and Brightness system.
REDUCE_COLORS Reduces the number of colors used in an image by eliminating unused pixel values.
STRETCH Stretches color table for contrast enhancement.
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