!COLOR: Contains standard RGB color triplets.

CMYK_CONVERT: Converts color triples to and from RGB, HLS, and HSV.

COLOR_QUAN: Converts true-color (24-bit) image to pseudo-color (8-bit) image.

COLORMAP_APPLICABLE: Determines whether the current visual class supports the use of a colormap. (Direct Graphics)

CT_LUMINANCE: Calculates the luminance of colors.

CW_COLORGRADIENT: Creates a compound widget to create color palettes built as gradients interpolated between a series of user-defined colors.

CW_PALETTE_EDITOR : Creates a compound widget to display and edit color palettes.



DIALOG_COLORGRADIENT: Allows you to interactively define a color table as a gradient interpolated between a series of user-defined colors.

GAMMA_CT: Applies gamma correction to a color table.

H_EQ_CT: Histogram-equalizes the color tables for an image or a region of the display.

H_EQ_INT: Interactively histogram-equalizes the color tables of an image or a region of the display.

HLS: Creates a color table in Hue, Lightness, Saturation color system.

HSV: Creates a color table based on Hue and Saturation Value color system.

IDLgrPalette: An object that contains a red-green-blue color lookup table.

LOADCT Procedure: Loads one of the predefined IDL color tables. (Direct Graphics)

MODIFYCT Procedure: Saves modified color tables in the IDL color table file. (Direct Graphics)

MULTI Procedure: Replicates current color table to enhance contrast. (Direct Graphics)

PSEUDO: Creates a pseudo-color table based on Lightness, Hue, and Brightness system.

REDUCE_COLORS: Reduces the number of colors used in an image by eliminating unused pixel values.

STRETCH: Stretches a color table for contrast enhancement.

TEK_COLOR Procedure: Loads color table based on Tektronix printer. (Direct Graphics)

TVLCT Procedure: Loads a color table. (Direct Graphics)

XLOADCT Procedure: Provides GUI to interactively select and load color tables. (Direct Graphics)

XPALETTE Procedure: Displays widget used to create and modify color tables. (Direct Graphics)