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Direct Graphics

ANNOTATE Procedure Starts IDL widget used to interactively annotate images and plots with text and drawings.
ARROW Procedure Draws line with an arrow head.
AXIS Procedure Draws an axis of the specified type and scale at a given position.
BAR_PLOT Procedure Creates a bar graph.
BOX_CURSOR Procedure Emulates operation of a variable-sized box cursor.
CONTOUR Procedure Draws a contour plot. (Direct Graphics)
CREATE_VIEW Procedure Sets the various system variables required to define a coordinate system and a 3-D view.
CURSOR Procedure Reads position of the interactive graphics cursor.
CVTTOBM Creates a bitmap byte array for a button label.
DEFROI Defines an irregular region of interest of an image using the image display system and the cursor and mouse.
DEVICE Procedure Provides device-dependent control over the current graphics device.
DRAW_ROI Procedure Draws a region or group of regions to the current Direct Graphics device.
EMPTY Procedure Empties the graphics output buffer.
ERASE Procedure Erases the screen of the current graphics device, or starts a new page if the device is a printer.
ERRPLOT Procedure Plots error bars over a previously drawn plot.
FLICK Procedure Causes the display to flicker between two output images at a given rate.
FORMAT_AXIS_VALUES Formats numbers as strings for use as axis values.
IMAGE_CONT Procedure Overlays an image with a contour plot.
LABEL_DATE Labels axes with dates. Use with [XYZ]TICKFORMAT keyword.
LABEL_REGION Consecutively labels all of the regions, or blobs, of a bi-level image with a unique region index.
OPLOT Procedure Plots vector data over a previously drawn plot.
OPLOTERR Procedure Plots error bars over a previously drawn plot.
PLOT Procedure Draws a graph of vector arguments.
PLOT_3DBOX Procedure Plots a function of two variables (e.g., Z=f(X, Y)) inside a 3-D box.
PLOT_FIELD Procedure Plots a 2-D field.
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