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String Processing

I18N_MULTIBYTETOUTF8 Converts multibyte to UTF8.
I18N_MULTIBYTETOWIDECHAR Converts multibyte to UTF-16, wide-character (Unicode).
I18N_UTF8TOMULTIBYTE Converts UTF-8 to multibyte .
I18N_WIDECHARTOMULTIBYTE Converts UTF-16, wide-character (Unicode) to multibyte.
IDL_BASE64 Converts between byte arrays and MIME Base64 encoded scalar strings.
RSA_PRIVATE_KEY Generates a private key using the RSA asymmetric cryptosystem.
RSA_PUBLIC_KEY Generates the unique public key from a private key using the RSA asymmetric cryptosystem.
STRCMP Compares two strings.
STRCOMPRESS Removes whitespace from a string.
STREGEX Performs regular expression matching.
STRING Converts arguments to string type.
STRJOIN Collapses a string scalar or array into merged strings.
STRLEN Returns the length of a string.
STRLOWCASE Converts a string to lower case.
STRMATCH Compares search string against input string expression.
STRMID Extracts a substring from a string.
STRPOS Finds first occurrence of a substring within a string.
STRPUT Inserts the contents of one string into another.
STRSPLIT Splits its input string argument into separate substrings, according to the specified pattern.
STRTRIM Removes leading and/or trailing blanks from string.
STRUPCASE Converts a string to upper case.

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