The SelectCoordinateSystem function method displays a dialog used to select a coordinate system. The coordinate system information is saved as a string variable.


; Launch the application
e = ENVI()
; Get the UI object
UI = e.UI
; Select a coordinate system on the dialog
coordSysString = UI.SelectCoordinateSystem()
PRINT, coordSysString


Result = ENVIUI.SelectCoordinateSystem([, Keywords=value])

Return Value

This method returns the coordinate system string chosen in the dialog. If the dialog is closed before a selection is made, or if Cancel is clicked, !NULL is returned.




Keywords are applied only during the initial creation of the object.


Set this keyword to a named variable that will contain any error message issued during execution of this routine. If no error occurs, the ERROR variable will be set to a null string (''). If an error occurs and the routine is a function, then the function result will be undefined.

When this keyword is not set and an error occurs, ENVI returns to the caller and execution halts. In this case, the error message is contained within !ERROR_STATE and can be caught using IDL's CATCH routine. See IDL Help for more information on !ERROR_STATE and CATCH.

See Manage Errors for more information on error handling in ENVI programming.


To use the dialog to edit an existing coordinate system string:

  1. Set the STARTING_CSS keyword to a fully-qualified Esri Projection Engine coordinate system string that will appear in the dialog.
  2. Click Modify Existing.
  3. After changing the string, click OK, and the modified string is returned.

If this string is not a projected coordinate system, or if you do not specify this keyword, you must select a predefined coordinate system or create a new one.

See Select Coordinate Systems for more information.

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See Also

ENVIUI, Select Coordinate Systems, ENVIUI::SelectInputData