The GetProductionParameters function method returns an E3DProductionParameters object which can be modified and passed to E3De::GenerateProducts.

This method has been deprecated. Use the PointCloudFeatureExtraction::Validate method instead.


; Create a headless instance
; Generate a string for the path defining the location of the DataSample.las file
file = FILEPATH('DataSample.las', ROOT_DIR=e.ROOT_DIR, $
  SUBDIRECTORY = 'DataSample')
; Open the las file
lidar = e.OpenLidar(file, AUXILIARY_URI='C:\lidar\DataSample')
params = e.GetProductionParameters(lidar, ERROR=error)
print, params
; Close any open lidar objects


Result = E3De.GetProductionParameters(E3dlidar [, ERROR=variable])

Return Value

An E3DProductionParameters object containing the production parameters for the specified E3DLidar object.

Changes to the parameters can be saved by calling E3DProductionParameters::Save so the next time GetProductionParameters for this E3DLidar is called, the saved values will be returned.

It is also possible to change and save the parameters in the ENVI LiDAR application by opening the specified LiDAR data and using the Production Parameters dialog.



The E3DLidar object for which the production parameters should be retrieved. If this E3DLidar was opened with DIRECT_READ set, then an error will be thrown.



Set this keyword to a named variable that will contain any error message issued during execution of this routine. If no error occurs, the ERROR variable will be set to a null string (''). If an error occurs and the routine is a function, then the function result will be undefined.

When this keyword is not set and an error occurs, ENVI returns to the caller and execution halts. In this case, the error message is contained within !ERROR_STATE and can be caught using IDL's CATCH routine. See IDL Help for more information on !ERROR_STATE and CATCH.

See Manage Errors for more information on error handling in ENVI programming.

Version History



ENVI 5.3 Obsolete

See Also

E3De, E3DLidar, E3De::GenerateProducts, E3DProductionParameters, E3DProductionParameters::Save