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Math - Curve and Surface Fitting

COMFIT Fits paired data using one of six common filtering functions.
CRVLENGTH Computes the length of a curve.
CURVEFIT Fits multivariate data with a user-supplied function.
FUNCT Evaluates the sum of a Gaussian and a 2nd-order polynomial and optionally returns the value of its partial derivatives.
GAUSS2DFIT Fits a 2D elliptical Gaussian equation to rectilinearly gridded data.
GAUSSFIT Fits the sum of a Gaussian and a quadratic.
GRID_TPS Uses thin plate splines to interpolate a set of values over a regular 2D grid, from irregularly sampled data values.
KRIG2D Interpolates set of points using kriging.
LADFIT Fits paired data using least absolute deviation method.
LINFIT Fits by minimizing the Chi-square error statistic.
LMFIT Does a non-linear least squares fit.
POLY_FIT Performs a least-square polynomial fit.
REGRESS Computes fit using multiple linear regression.
SFIT Performs polynomial fit to a surface.
SVDFIT Multivariate least squares fit using SVD method.
TRIGRID Interpolates irregularly-gridded data to a regular grid from a triangulation.

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