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Math - Gridding and Interpolation

BILINEAR Computes array using bilinear interpolation.
GRID_INPUT Preprocesses and sorts two-dimensional scattered data points, and removes duplicate values.
GRID3 Creates a regularly-gridded 3D dataset from a set of scattered 3D nodes.
GRIDDATA Interpolates scattered data values and locations sampled on a plane or a sphere to a regular grid.
MIN_CURVE_SURF Interpolates points with a minimum curvature surface or a thin-plate-spline surface. Useful with CONTOUR.
SPH_SCAT Performs spherical gridding.
SPL_INIT Establishes the type of interpolating spline.
SPL_INTERP Performs cubic spline interpolation (Numerical Recipes).
SPLINE Performs cubic spline interpolation.
SPLINE_P Performs parametric cubic spline interpolation.
TRI_SURF Interpolates gridded set of points with a smooth quintic surface.
TRIANGULATE Constructs Delaunay triangulation of a planar set of points.
VALUE_LOCATE Finds the intervals within a given monotonic vector that brackets a given set of one or more search values.
VORONOI Computes Voronoi polygon given Delaunay triangulation.

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