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Math - Image Processing

ADAPT_HIST_EQUAL Performs adaptive histogram equalization
BANDPASS_FILTER Applies a bandpass filter to a one-channel image.
BANDREJECT_FILTER Applies a band reject filter on a one-channel image.
BYTSCL Scales all values of an array into range of bytes.
CONGRID Resamples an image to any dimensions.
DILATE Implements morphologic dilation operator on binary and grayscale images.
DISSOLVE Provides a digital 'dissolve' effect for images.
EDGE_DOG Applies the Difference of Gaussians filter to an image.
EMBOSS Generates an array containing difference values that represent edges in the original image.
ERODE Implements the erosion operator on binary and grayscale images and vectors.
ESTIMATOR_FILTER Applies an order statistic noise-reduction filter to a one-channel image.
EXPAND Shrinks/expands image using bilinear interpolation.
EXTRAC Returns sub-matrix of input array. Array operators (e.g., * and :) should usually be used instead.
GABOR_FILTER Reads full information from a Common Data Format file's variable.
GABOR_KERNEL Constructs a Gabor transform filter kernel, for use in the GABOR_FILTER routine.
HIST_EQUAL Histogram-equalizes an image.
HISTOGRAM Computes the density function of an array.
HOUGH Returns the Hough transform of a two-dimensional image.
IMAGE_THRESHOLD Generates a threshold value for an 8 or 16 bit image.
INTERPOLATE Returns an array of interpolates.
ISOCONTOUR Interprets the contouring algorithm found in the IDLgrContour object.
LAPLACIAN Applies a Laplacian operator to a 2D image array.
LEAST_SQUARES_FILTER Reduces degradation and noise in an image based on the mean and variance of the degradation and noise.
MEAN_FILTER Applies mean filter noise reduction on a one- or multi-channel image.
MORPH_CLOSE Applies closing operator to binary or grayscale image.
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