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Workflow API

Callback Example: Perform a Step Automatically  
Callback Example: Restructure a Workflow  
Callback Example: Show and Hide Task Parameters  
Creating Workflows  
Custom Task Example: Allow Users to Skip a Workflow Step  
Custom Task Example: Compute the Number of Classes  
Custom UI Class Example: Choose Random Input Rasters  
Custom UI Class Example: Present Multiple Output Options in One Step  
Customize Workflows  
ENVIDataContainer This is a reference to an ENVIDataContainer object, which is a group of data objects such as rasters and vectors as well as variables of any data type (strings, numbers, etc.)
ENVIDataContainer::AddArray Adds data objects (for example, rasters, vectors, strings) to a data container array.
ENVIDataContainer::AddScalar Adds individual data objects (for example, rasters, vectors, strings) as scalars to a data container.
ENVIDataContainer::Dehydrate Returns a hash describing this object.
ENVIDataContainer::GetArray Retrieves the contents of a data container array.
ENVIDataContainer::GetScalar Retrieves the individual contents of a data container.
ENVIDataContainer::HasArray Determines if a data container contains a particular array of data objects.
ENVIDataContainer::HasScalar Determines if a data container contains a particular data object.
ENVIDataContainer::Hydrate Creates the object from its dehydrated form.
ENVIDataContainer::RemoveArray Removes all data objects (for example, rasters, vectors, strings) from a data container array.
ENVIDataContainer::RemoveScalar Removes individual objects from a data container.
ENVIWorkflow Builds a data-processing workflow consisting of multiple steps.
ENVIWorkflow::Add Adds steps to a workflow without connecting them.
ENVIWorkflow::Connect Connects two steps in a workflow.
ENVIWorkflow::Disconnect Disconnects steps from each other in a workflow.
ENVIWorkflow::GenerateMetatask Creates a metatask from all of the steps in a workflow, including their parameter values.
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