The IDL Project Properties page controls the execution (run) properties for a project.

To display the IDL Project Properties page, right click on a project in the Project Explorer and select Properties. In the Properties dialog, select the IDL Project Properties.



Update IDL Path when project is opened or closed

If enabled, IDL will modify the !PATH system variable to include the open project. Similarly, IDL will remove a closed project from the path. Either operation (opening or closing a project) may cause IDL to update the !PATH system variable. This is enabled by default.

See IDL Path Management with Projects.

Execute .RESET_SESSION before running project

If enabled, IDL will execute the .RESET_SESSION executive command before the Run Command is executed. This is disabled by default.

Build project before running result

If enabled, IDL will build the project (as if you had manually selected Project > Build Project) before executing the IDL Run Command. This is disabled by default.

See Building IDL Projects.

Run Command

The Run Command can be any IDL command or routine, although it is usually the name of a single procedure that launches the project application. By default, the project name is converted to lowercase letters, with spaces replaced by underscores.

You can execute multiple commands sequentially by separating them with the ‘&’ character.

Executing the Run Command does not force IDL to recompile all routines in the project you enabled the Execute .RESET_SESSION before running project option. As a result, changes to code for routines that have been previously compiled are not automatically incorporated when the project is run. Instructing IDL to automatically recompile files when you save them avoids this situation; refer to the Enable compile on save property below.

See Running IDL Projects.

Enable compile on save

Click on this link to display the Editor page of the Preferences dialog, on which you can set the Enable compile on save preference.

Set this preference to compile a file when it is saved.