The IDL Export Bridge requires the following compilers for building COM and Java wrapper objects.

Wrapper Object Type

Compilers Supported


Use the same C++ compiler that the IDL version was built on for both the machine running the Export Bridge Assistant and the machine building an application using the wrapper objects (if different). VB.NET, C#, C++ Managed, and C++ Unmanaged are all supported. To check the C++ compiler version that IDL was built on run the following command: PRINT, !MAKE_DLL.COMPILER_NAME.


Use the Java Developer’s Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.7 or higher

Note - On Mac machines, the version of Java installed along with the operating system should be sufficient, whatever its version number.

Client Machine Requirements

Client machines (those running applications that incorporate a wrapper object) have separate requirements. See Configuring the Machine Running the Wrapper Client for details

Output Destinations

Windows allows output to both COM and Java. On other supported platforms, only Java is supported (not COM). For a COM project on non-Windows platforms, the Build menu in the Export Bridge Assistant is disabled.

IDL Licensing

Build machines must have an IDL license. Client machines must have either an licensed installation of IDL or a copy of the IDL Virtual Machine. (Note that the ExecuteString methods are disabled for applications running in the IDL Virtual Machine.)

Export Bridge Assistant Licensing

The Export Bridge Assistant is an IDL application and cannot be run in runtime mode or in the IDL Virtual Machine. If you attempt to run the Assistant in various licensing modes will have the following effects:

  • Runtime mode: The Assistant will issue an error and exit.
  • No IDL license: The Save and Build operations are disabled.