This section discusses the programming limitations required by the Export Bridge technology for successfully generating wrapper objects.

Keyword Parameters

Because COM and Java don’t support the concept of keyword parameters, the Export Bridge does not support IDL keyword parameters in method signatures. To export an IDL method that uses keyword parameters, you must wrap the method in another method that only implements positional parameters. The keyword parameters to IDL source object methods are ignored except for the SetProperty and GetProperty methods, in which keyword parameters are extracted to obtain the object’s properties.

Unsupported Data Types

Properties and method parameters exported to a wrapper object class cannot include data of any of the following types:

  • IDL Pointer
  • Single- or double-precision complex data
  • IDL Structure
  • IDL objects, unless the object is an exported IDL object that exists in the same process space or pool as the object upon which the method is being called (as described in Object Reference Use)

Array Majority and Shape

The majority and shape of how data arrays are structured differs between the external environments supported by the Export Bridge (COM and Java) and IDL. Note that the Export Bridge technology might create a copy of array data when converting between external environments and IDL.

For further information on array majority, see Multidimensional Array Storage and Access. In addition, see Array Order Conversion and Converting Array Majority for details on how array majority is handled in the Assistant.