Destination objects are objects on which object trees can be rendered (displayed on a screen or printed on a printer).




Objects of the IDLgrBuffer class represent an off-screen, in-memory data area that may serve as a graphics source or destination.


Objects of the IDLgrClipboard class send Object Graphics to the operating system’s native clipboard or to a file in bitmap or vector format.


Objects of the IDLgrPrinter class represent a hardcopy graphics destination. By default, printer objects represent the default system printer; you can use the IDL routines DIALOG_PRINTJOB and DIALOG_PRINTERSETUP to change the printer associated with a printer object.


Objects of the IDLgrWindow class represent an on-screen area on a display device in which graphic objects can be rendered.

Note: When creating an iTool display, there is no need to manually configure a window object or destination objects. This is automatically done for you.