IDL_Print() and IDL_PrintF()

The IDL_Print() and IDL_PrintF() functions output the value of IDL_VARIABLEs. IDL_Print() outputs to IDL_STDOUT_UNIT, while IDL_PrintF() outputs to a specified unit.

These functions are the implementation of the built-in IDL system procedures PRINT and PRINTF. See “PRINT/PRINTF” (IDL online help) for information on the available arguments and the order in which you must specify them.

void IDL_Print(int argc, IDL_VPTR *argv, char *argk)
void IDL_PrintF(int argc, IDL_VPTR *argv, char *argk)


The number of arguments to argv.


IDL_VPTRs of the IDL_VARIABLEs to be output.


Keywords. Set this argument to NULL ((char *) 0).