All of the files needed to use a connector object are provided in the IDL distribution. You can locate the files in the following directory locations where IDL_DIR is where you have installed IDL:


File Descriptions


Resource files:

  • COM_IDL_connect.dll
  • COM_IDL_connect.tlb

are located in IDL_DIR/resource/bridges/export/COM


The java_IDL_connect class is included in the javaidlb.jar file, which is located in the



The javaidlb.jar file must be included in the Java classpath in order to use the Java connector wrapper object. This file contains the com.idl.javaidl package, which defines the Java class files needed by the Java export bridge.

IDL Object

The connector object definition is stored in a SAVE file named idl_connect_define.sav, located in the IDL_DIR/lib/bridges directory.

This is the only object definition file, and since it is contained within a SAVE file, it can be used with runtime IDL. Unlike custom IDL object definition files, there is no need to distribute this definition file with your application; it is already included in the IDL distribution.

To use the connector object with a COM application, you must reference the COM_IDL_connectLib 1.0 Type Library library in your application. There is no need to register the COM_IDL_connect.dll as described in COM Registration Requirements since this is automatically registered upon IDL installation.

To use the connector object within a Java application, you must include the correct import statement in your Java application and set the classpath and as described in Java Requirements.