You can install Eclipse plug-ins to the IDL Workbench. Plug-ins include the Babel Language Pack repository, and the DevStyle add-on, which adds new light and dark color themes such as the Darkest Dark theme. See

The Marketplace Client and Eclipse plug-ins will be installed in your home .idl directory. IDL will remember that you have plug-ins installed; if you are upgrading to a new version of IDL in the future, it will prompt you to install the plug-ins for the upgrade.

To install the Marketplace Client:

  1. From the IDL Workbench main menu, select Help > Install New Software. The Install dialog appears.
  2. Click the Work with drop-down list and select the URL to install. The drop-down is populated with the following URLs: Use this URL to install the Marketplace Client, which you use to browse and install Eclipse applications that are compatible with this version of the Eclipse client. The Babel Language Pack repository. Use this URL to install new languages for your workbench. See Set IDL Workbench Internationalization for more details.

  3. In the list that displays, select what you want to install.
  4. Click Next and follow the prompts to the license agreement and to install the Marketplace Client.

When installation is complete, two new options will be added under the Help menu in the Workbench: Eclipse Marketplace and Eclipse User Storage. To install plug-ins, select the Eclipse Marketplace menu option.