This example demonstrates how to download a map image from OpenStreetMap and display the image in the correct map projection.

Load a Map File

Load the reykjavik.png file from the IDL distribution:

file = FILEPATH('reykjavik.png', SUBDIRECTORY = ['examples', 'data'])
READ_PNG, file, img

Display the Map Image with the Map Projection

Both the Google Maps API and the OpenStreetMap API provide static map images in the Mercator projection with a spherical ellipsoid of radius 6,378,137 meters. To correctly display these map images in IDL, convert the center longitude/latitude and map zoom factor into the bounding box for the image, in meters.

centerLon = -21.93d
centerLat = 64.1425d
zoom = 14
Re = 6378137  ; Radius of the Earth
resolution = (2*!DPI*Re)/(256*2d^zoom)  ; meters/pixel
; The image is 700 pixels wide by 668 pixels tall
deltax = 700*resolution  ; meters
deltay = 668*resolution  ; meters
; Convert the map center to spherical Mercator coordinates
; Create a hidden map object to do the conversions.
m = MAP('Mercator', /BUFFER, $
   SEMIMAJOR_AXIS=6378137d, SEMIMINOR_AXIS=6378137d)
uv = m.MapForward(centerLon, centerLat)
; Compute the image bounding box in spherical Mercator coordinates
x0 = uv[0] - deltax/2  ; meters
x1 = uv[0] + deltax/2  ; meters
y0 = uv[1] - deltay/2  ; meters
y1 = uv[1] + deltay/2  ; meters
PRINT, [x0, y0, x1, y1]

IDL prints:

-2444580.6        9382851.8      -2437892.3        9389234.3

Now that the bounding box is in meters (image coordinates), you have the information you need to construct the map. Use the image bounding box to specify the image location and dimensions.

; Specify the map projection and the ellipsoid for the image.
; Use this same map projection for the grid,
; and for any other images, contours, or polygons that are
; added to this map.
im = IMAGE(img, GRID_UNITS='meters', $
   MAP_PROJECTION='Mercator', $
   SEMIMAJOR_AXIS=6378137d, SEMIMINOR_AXIS=6378137d, $
   DIMENSIONS=[800, 800], $
   IMAGE_LOCATION=[x0, y0], $
   IMAGE_DIMENSIONS=[deltax, deltay])
; Retrieve the MapGrid object and set some properties.
mg = im.mapgrid
FOREACH l, mg.longitudes DO l.LABEL_ANGLE = 0
FOREACH l, mg.latitudes DO l.LABEL_ANGLE = 270
mg.BOX_AXES = 1
mg.BOX_THICK = 3
; Overplot symbols or text using longitude/latitude coordinates.
s = SYMBOL(-21.922311d, 64.147597d, 'star', /DATA, $
t = TEXT(-21.9215d, 64.148d, 'Sólfar (Sun Voyager)', /DATA, $

IDL displays the resulting image of Reykjavik: