Cubic Spline Interpolation

IMSL_CSINTERP: Derivative end conditions.

IMSL_CSSHAPE: Shape preserving.

B-spline Interpolation

IMSL_BSINTERP: One-dimensional and two-dimensional interpolation.

IMSL_BSKNOTS: Knot sequence given interpolation data.

B-spline and Cubic Spline Evaluation and Integration

IMSL_SPINTEG: Integration.

IMSL_SPVALUE: Evaluation and differentiation.

Least-squares Approximation and Smoothing

IMSL_BSLSQ: Splines with fixed knots.

IMSL_CONLSQ: Constrained spline fit.

IMSL_CSSMOOTH: Cubic-smoothing spline.

IMSL_FCNLSQ: General functions.

IMSL_SMOOTHDATA1D: Smooth one-dimensional data by error detection.

Scattered Data Interpolation

IMSL_RADBE: Evaluates a radial-basis fit.

IMSL_RADBF: Computes a fit using radial-basis functions.

IMSL_SCAT2DINTERP: Akima’s surface-fitting method.