The IDL Virtual Machine will run a compiled IDL SAVE file even if no IDL license is present. The purpose of the IDL Virtual Machine is to facilitate IDL code collaboration and application distribution.

In addition to the limitations of runtime applications in general, applications that run in the IDL Virtual Machine have the following restrictions:

  • The IDL Virtual Machine displays a splash screen on startup.
  • SAVE files must be created using IDL version 6.0 or later.
  • No access to the IDL command line or IDL compiler is provided. Startup files are only executed when a command line is present.
  • The use of the IDL EXECUTE function is disabled. (In most cases, calls to the EXECUTE function can be replaced with calls to the CALL_FUNCTION and CALL_PROCEDURE routines.)
  • The Execute, GetVar, and SetVar methods to the IDL_IDLBridge object are disabled.
  • The COM and Java IDL Export Bridge connector objects are disabled.
  • Callable IDL applications will not run in the IDL Virtual Machine.