In the Area Definition tab, select the area of data to process. You can process the entire area (the default), or you can select a subset.

To navigate and select an area to process:

  • To zoom in and out and move directionally in the display, use the Navigate buttons.
  • To pan, click and hold both mouse buttons over the display and move the mouse.
  • The current Cursor Position displays below the navigation buttons as you move the cursor over the display.
  • To select an area, enter X Min/Max (Easting) and Y Min/Max (Northing) coordinates, or click and drag to draw a rectangle. To specify the full rectangle, click the Entire Area button.
  • Click the Import from Vector File button to import a .shp or .dxf file of lines that define the center line for QA. When imported, the lines display on the elevation map. If needed, clear the vector file from the display by clicking the Clear button.
  • Enter the Width, in meters, of the QA rectangles across the center line.
  • If needed, click Load New Layer to load a vector or other layer (DEM, DSM) that will aid in selecting the area to process. You can unload all additional layers by clicking Unload All.