When you display a classification image, a Classes folder containing the individual classes appears in the Layer Manager under the image name. In the Image Window view you can overlay the classes on an image and you can show and hide the classes. In the Layer Manager you can select one class or all classes and calculate class statistics on a related file.

  • To hide a class in the view, disable the check box for that class in the Layer Manager. To show the class again, enable the check box.
  • To hide all classes, right-click the Classes folder and select Hide All Classes. To show all classes again, right-click and select Show All Classes.
  • To hide or show multiple classes, use the Ctrl or Shift key and select the relevant classes. Then right-click and select Hide Classes or Show Classes.

  • You can also hide all classes by disabling the check box for the classification image in the Layer Manager. This leaves the state of individually hidden classes unchanged (for example, the check box for a hidden class is not enabled again) so when you show the classification image again, the previously hidden class remains hidden.
  • You can use the classification results of the displayed image to calculate statistics for any related input file.

Edit Class Layer Names and Colors

You can edit the default names and colors of individual classes. Right-click on the Classes folder and select Edit Class Names and Colors.

  • To edit a class name, select the desired class and enter a new value in the Edit field. The Class Names list will reflect the change when you press Enter or click elsewhere.
  • To edit a class color, double-click the class to modify. Select a standard ENVI or system color from the color table that displays, or define a custom RGB combination. Click OK.
  • Click Import to use the class names and colors defined in a separate classification image.
  • Click OK to save changes and close the classification image. If the Display result check box is selected, the image will reload with its new class properties.

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