Use Create Coordinate System String to create a text file containing a coordinate system string that you can add to an ENVI header file (.hdr) or use with the ENVI application programming interface (API).

  1. From the Toolbox, select Raster Management > Create Coordinate System String.
  2. Select a coordinate system. Click to expand the lists of Geographic Coordinate Systems or Projected Coordinate Systems, then select the specific coordinate system. Its properties display in the Selected Coordinate System table. The steps for using this dialog are similar to those of the Select Coordinate System dialog. Refer to those steps for defining and editing coordinate systems, and for adding commonly used coordinate systems to a list of favorites.

  3. Click OK in the Create Coordinate System dialog.
  4. A dialog appears, prompting you for a text filename and location. Select a folder and filename to save the text file, then click Save. The default filename is coordSysString.txt, but you can change it to be more descriptive for each coordinate system string that you save.