1. Review the image block displayed in the Main window. The cursor coordinates, block size, total number of blocks, and the current block number display in the status bar of the Main window. You can pan and zoom the image just as you do in the elevation map.
  2. Make manual changes as needed, or adjust project parameter settings in the Production Parameters tab.
  3. When you are finished performing QA on a block, click QA Next in the Navigate window to go to the next block and repeat the process. Any changes you make to a block are retained as you navigate from block to block. Completed blocks are marked with an “X.” You can also select an area by clicking and dragging the mouse to draw a bounding box over the desired area.
    • To go back to the previous block, click QA Prev, or go back to any block by double-clicking it. Click QA Next to return to your original position.
    • To reset your QA position to the beginning block click QA Reset.
    • If the project was reprocessed after initial QA, you can navigate between the changes or between the blocks containing changes (configurable in preferences) by clicking Prev Change or Next Change.
    • If you select an area by drawing a bounding box and want to return to block mode, double click the desired block.
  4. When you are done with the entire area, click the QA Mode button on the toolbar to exit QA.
  5. Reprocess the file. Reprocessing updates the DEM, building, tree, and power line files.

    Tip: You must reprocess to update the DEM file, but you can update the buildings, trees, and power lines without reprocessing. To do this, exit QA Mode and export the products by selecting File > Export > export type from the menu bar.

  6. Repeat the QA sequence again to ensure the intended changes were made correctly. Navigate between the changes or between the blocks containing changes by clicking Prev Change or Next Change.