To create exports from ENVI LiDAR, select File > Export from the menu bar. Select the export type from the menu options, then select the output file format from the dialog that appears. By default, the product files are saved to the \Products directory for the project, as described in Directories and Files for ENVI LiDAR-Generated Products.

After you make QA changes, you can export ENVI LiDAR products without having to fully reprocess the data. The output is created using the Export Coordinate System set in the Outputs tab of the Project Properties dialog.

  • Orthophoto
  • DSM
  • DEM
  • DEM Contour Lines
  • Buildings
  • Trees
  • Power Lines
  • Point Cloud
  • Terrain TIN

Note: The products need to be generated once in full processing to be able to export them using File > Export.

The following products are not created during full processing, but they can be exported after processing is complete:

  • Observer Points created in Viewshed Analysis, to an ASCII text file
  • Viewshed Analysis Raster